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Casino bonus 2020! Some offer huge sums that take a long time to play. Others throw out only small puffs, but in return, your bonus is right away. We take the pulse on the hottest bonuses you can get on the Danish market.

Best casino bonus 2020

A casino bonus is one of the most widely used marketing tools for online gaming providers. We players know that there are infinitely many places we can play, so we have a good reason why we should choose one over the other. And what better reason than a big, juicy casino bonus. Read more about the best, biggest and most available bonuses on the market.

Casino bonus
The games room £ 75 free + £ 100
18+ | Turnover requirements, rules and terms apply
LeoVegas 50 kr free + 125% up to 1000 kr on 1st deposit
Min 18 years. Terms and conditions apply.
18+ | Turnover requirements, rules and terms apply
Rød25  100 spins + 100% up to £ 1,000
18+ | Turnover requirements, rules and terms apply
Terms and conditions apply +18, New customers only.

Does anyone have a casino bonus code? Pros and cons

Not all game providers require the use of a casino bonus code to get their welcome bonus, but most do.

The advantage for you as a player of having to use a casino bonus code is that it can often give you special benefits. This happens, for example, when sites like ours make an agreement with a casino about our own unique casino bonus code, where we negotiate some extra benefits for you.

It may be a slightly bigger bonus than you might otherwise get, or special benefits such as free spins if you register a user on a casino site through us.

Disadvantages of a casino bonus code are not many. But one obvious objection to this is that most of us need more codes to keep in mind as we move online.

In the slipstream of email accounts, usernames, passwords, first pet names and whatever else is required to navigate online today, it can be nice to avoid having to enter bonus codes, captchas and other fun and just get in immediately.

Later in the article you can see an overview of which casinos use a casino bonus code.

Various casino bonuses

Bookmakers and casinos are quite creative when it comes to ways to reward new players. Therefore, there are a lot of different types of casino bonuses that meet the needs of most people. Let’s take a look at the different types of casino bonuses.

deposit Bonus

The most widespread casino bonus is a classic deposit bonus. Here you get a casino bonus if you deposit a certain amount. Typically, this is a 100% match bonus, which means that every dollar you put in doubles.

Often, the smallest deposit you can make to get a deposit bonus is $ 100. The maximum amount varies from casino to casino, but most offer $ 1,000. Some, however, go one step further and offer match bonuses up to $ 2,500, $ 5,000 or even $ 10,000.

At the larger deposit bonuses, the percentage paid by the casino, however, often falls from 100% to 75 or 50%. So it’s pretty important you have your eyes open.

Casino bonus 2020 with no deposit

One of the most popular, but also relatively rare, bonuses is a casino bonus with no deposit, ie a free bonus. With a casino bonus with no deposit you get money to register a user but without having to pay for the pockets yourself.

So if the free bonus is so popular, why is it so hard to find? Well, this is because a casino bonus with no deposit poses a greater risk of you leaving without the casino making a little money on you.

With a casino bonus with no deposit, you have less incentive to stay stuck when you have either traded your bonus enough times that you can withdraw the bonus and any winnings than if you have to make a deposit yourself.

Once you have made a deposit bonus, it may have been your goal to play your bonus free and then raise the entire mole money. And yet you have been left hanging a few hundred bucks more.

Of course, this is what the casinos are hoping for, because of course they don’t give you money for the sake of your blue eyes. For that reason, there is no such option when you do not have to deposit money to get a bonus. Therefore, it is often difficult to earn a casino bonus without deposits.

Free spins

Many online casinos also offer free spins. Here you will receive a certain number of free spins, typically between 25 and 200, for a specific slot machine.

Free spin bonuses rarely stand alone. Often they are a little extra crap on top of a cash welcome bonus, so you can get started. Free spin bonuses are often associated with some requirements. For example, if you win a win on your free spins, you may need to bet for an amount equal to your win times X before you can withdraw the win.

We’ll return to that later, where we take a look at the most common requirements associated with a 2020 casino bonus.

Extra free spins after deposit

Several online casinos also offer an additional casino bonus when you make a deposit after the first deposit. And here too, free spins are popular baits. Typically, these additional bonuses require a smaller deposit than the initial welcome bonus.

Typically, it will require a deposit of less than DKK 500 to get an extra bonus. In the case of a free spin bonus, you will usually be offered between 50 and 200 free spins to make an extra deposit.

Casino Bonus Rules

It is always important to read it in fine print. And not least when you are chasing a 2020 casino bonus! Each casino has its own terms and conditions. If you sleep for hours as you chew through them, there is a good chance you will miss out on the free money. We have therefore listed the most common requirements a casino will make to pay out a bonus.

Minimum deposit

This bonus is in contrast to a casino bonus without deposit. Here you have to make a deposit of a certain size, typically between 100-1000 kroner, which is then matched by the online casino.


Betting requirements mean that you have to play for a certain amount before your bonus is “free”, which means you can withdraw it from your gaming account and spend it in the real world. There is a great deal of variation in turnover requirements. In some (few) places, the revenue requirement is only once. This means that if you get a bonus of 100 kroner, then you simply play for 100 kroner before your bonus is free.

The vast majority of sites, however, have higher wagering requirements, and many game providers have a wagering requirement of 10 times your bonus amount before your bonus is released. If you have received 100 kroner on a page with such a bonus claim, then you must play for 1,000 kroner before the bonus is free. Of course, with such variation, it is important that you keep track of what the wagering requirement is and whether you think you are able to redeem it before accepting a bonus.


All game providers also have a limit on how long you have to play a bonus free. It is typically 30 to 90 days. If we take the bonus above and equip it with a time limit of, say, 60 days, then you have to play for the 1,000 kroner before 60 days have passed. When you first finish on day 61, well then the whole bonus is lost.

Which games count in playoffs

Virtually all casinos also differentiate between different games in terms of how much they give to play your bonus free. Typically, every penny spent on a slot machine is considered an entire penny, but for games like blackjack and roulette, each penny counts less. In some places, as little as 10% you play for these table games offsets your wagering requirements.

On some pages there are even games that cannot be used at all in free play. So remember to read carefully which games are counted and how much each game counts for. Otherwise, you can quickly use your powers on the wrong games.

Remember, the requirements above are indicative and general. Always read the terms and conditions of the specific casino bonus you wish to receive.

Who has welcome bonuses?

Virtually all casinos in Denmark offer some form of welcome bonus, and there is a great deal of variation in what is on offer. We have compiled an overview of the most well-known casinos and the bonuses they offer, so you can get an overview of the level.

Small bonuses with small wagering requirements

Maria Casino is one of the casinos that offers a relatively small casino bonus, but which in turn has fairly modest wagering requirements. In fact, they often offer more bonuses, so you can pick a bigger one too. Read our Maria Casino review here at

The arcade offers a small bonus, where something is even a free bonus. In addition, they have one of the lowest turnover requirements on the market. Read our Games Hall review .

Like the Games Hall, GamesNow offers a bonus that is quickly played free. Are you ready for your 2020 casino bonus?

Big bonuses with high turnover requirements

  • LeoVegas: has one of the biggest bonuses on the market, but the special LeoVegas welcome bonus is now not like all the others. Read our LeoVega review on, where we explain how their bonus works.
  • NordicBet Casino: has a welcome bonus that usually reflects the general market fairly well. That means a pretty big NordicBet Casino bonus, which also takes some time to play free. Read more about Nordicbet Casino bonus in our review at
  • Red25: have a bonus that is often higher than most others, and then they are happy for free spins. Read our full Red25 review here at
  • GamesDanskNu: also offers very competitive bonuses with both large amounts and usually also free spins. We have created a GamesDanskNu review, which you can read here on
  • Unibet Casino: allows you to get a medium welcome bonus that you can spend on a plethora of fun, exciting games. Read everything about Unibet Casino in our review here on the site.

Known for offering many free spins

EU Casino is one of the game providers who are very happy with free spins. EU Casino may not be as well known as several of their competitors, but they do things their own way and it works really well for them. Read our review of them here on

We hope with this review that you are now ready to pick up the best casino bonus 2020!